What is fade margin? , and Fading?
What is fade margin? 

  • 1.first we need to understand fading:- so fading is signal loss due to abnormal propagation conditions , due to changes/fluctuation of atmospheric temperature, pressure , humidity between both antenna (b/w transmitting antenna & receiving antenna) .

  • Fading is effect of rapid fluctuation of received carrier power 

  • The most common reason of fading is multi-path transmission of signal that create signal loss . 

  • 2.The Fade Margin is indicated as the difference between the received power and the receiver’s threshold value. 

  •  3.And Fading is defined as the variation of the strength of a received radio carrier signal due to atmospheric changes and/or ground and water reflections in the propagation path.Four fading types are considered while planning links.They are all dependent on path length and are estimated as the probability of exceeding a given (calculated) fade margin.

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