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What is Space diversity?
Think in this way :- If you are getting fading on particular point then not necessary that you will get fading on other point also .
To getting the best S/N a easy way is to add the output from each receiver.

Space diversity: The signal is transmitted over several different propagation paths.

In the case of wired transmission, this can be achieved by transmitting via multiple wires. In the case of wireless transmission, it can be achieved by antenna diversity using multiple transmitter antennas (transmit diversity) and/or multiple receiving antennas (reception diversity). In the latter case, a diversity combining technique is applied before further signal processing takes place. If the antennas are far apart, for example at different cellular base station sites or WLAN access points, this is calledmacrodiversity or site diversity. If the antennas are at a distance in the order of one wavelength, this is called microdiversity. A special case is phasedantenna arrays, which also can be used for beamforming, MIMO channels and space–time coding (STC).

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