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What is Rain Fading?
1.Rain attenuates the signal caused by the scattering and absorption of electromagnetic waves by rain drops.

2.It is significant for long paths (>10Km),its starts increasing at about 10GHz and for frequencies above 15 GHz, rain fading is the dominant fading mechanism,

3.Rain outage increases dramatically with frequency and then with path length,

4.Microwave path lengths must be reduced in areas where rain outages are severe,

5.The available rainfall data is usually in the form of a statistical description of the amount of rain that falls at a given measurement point over a period of time.

6.The total annual rainfall in an area has little relation to the rain attenuation for the area,–Hence a margin is included to compensate for the effects of rain at a given level of availability.

7.Increased fade margin (margins as high as 45 to 60dB) is of some help in rainfall attenuation fading.

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