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What is Modulation and its type?
1. Modulation is the technique to Change the Baseband Signal of Frequency.

2. Modulation is the technique or process in which the characteristics of the carrier wave or signal such as amplitude, frequency and phase is changed in accordance with the instantaneous value of the Baseband Signal

3. We have two type of Modulation Analog Modulation& Digital Modulation
• When the carrier wave is a continuous in nature, the modulation is known as ANALOG MODULATION-- AM.
Its having
1. Amplitude Modulation (AM)
2. Frequency Modulation (FM)
3. Phase Modulation (PM)

• When the signal modulated by a discrete signal (in form of “0” and “1”) its known as DIGITAL MODULATION – DM .

1. Amplitude-shift key (ASK)
2. Phase Shift Key (PSK)
3. Frequency Shift Key (FSK)

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