What is LB for mw planning ?

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Dear Sir plz tell what parameter we see to plan microwave link what is necessary for it ,connected fiber ,interim microwave ,connected microwave
jitender saini On March 29, 2020


Hi. Jitender

Link Budget is a calculation of all gain & losses for transmission system ,

We can start planning with below points :-

• Material For MW Link :Radio, Antenna, INSTALLATION KIT,PATCH CORD,ETHERNET PATCH CORD, Login-CABLE, Fiber-CABLE, Power Cable.

• Material selection: as per stock availability with consideration of priority as per business requirement.

• Antenna Selection: while considering hop length and to minimize the Tx power effect frequency availability.

• Radio Selection: depend on frequency planning.

• Antenna Height Selection: Need to consider LOS survey.

• Ex. For 13G Band-
1. RSL: Good to maintain ,-31,-32,-33dB
2. FM:22,22.5 &++
3. Availability :99.999 At least

Connected_Fiber :-Mw installation not required for these sites, media plan for these sites is fiber
Interim MW :-Interim word come from intermediate, Final media is fiber for these sites but it will take some time to reach fiber here so initially microwave link need to paln for these sites.
Connected_MW :-Thease are pure MW sites so we need to paln microwave link for future,stability purpose.


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thank you sir

thank you sir

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